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Importance of Business Blogs

bloggingGetting a blog started for your company may not sound like a good idea, but it can increase your online traffic to your website and also strengthen your presence online. When people think of blogs, many first imagine someone keeping an “online journal” with their thoughts and happenings. While many blogs are like that for people, for a business your blog can be of much more value to distinguish your scrap yard from others in the area. A blog is a great way to set yourself apart from everyone else.

What’s The Big Deal about Blogs?

Create Content For Your Site

If you have a blog on your website, it will be of great value to your traffic building. Remember your website is the virtual version of your scrap yard, so you want to be represented online. When your audience is searching for more information on your scrap yard and what you do, a blog would be a great place for them to travel to on your website to learn more about you. Which leads to my next point.

Give Your Scrap Yard A Better Presence

Your blog should be a representation of what makes you better and different from the other scrap yards or auto wreckers in the area. On a blog you will be able to write about the latest new equipment you bought and how it is going to make you a better yard and more convenient when customers come to visit you. Or you can post funny photos from the recent company picnic you had over the weekend. By personalizing your scrap yard through a blog, you create a deeper connection to your customers.

Invite Visitors To Keep Coming Back

If you are updating information on your website like a blog on a regular basis, visitors will be more encouraged to keep coming back to your website. If you have the same website from 10 years ago (first you need to update), you won’t be finding many people continuing to come back to your site. Once your visitors see updated information on your website from the last few weeks, they may be prompted to come back and see new information.

Get Employees Involved

With a business blog it is great opportunity to get multiple people at your business involved. If you have more than one person writing for your business blog it is a great opportunity to have different perspectives of your scrap yard represented in your blog posts. For example, you can have the owner, an office employee, and yard manager enter different posts to give updates for their own positions.

Ok, I Get It. Now What?

Now that you have some more knowledge of the importance of having a blog for your business, it’s time to get your blog started. There are several options to starting your own business blog. You can get in contact with your website developer to have one created, or you can create one through the free sites like WordPress or Blogger. Both are very easy and convenient to use, however if you are a beginner to online social media it may be easier to use WordPress.

wordpresscom_signupSet Up Your Account

If you are not going through your web developer, you will have to create a WordPress or Blogger account. Blogger is created through Google, so you may already have a Google account that you will be able to sign up with. Both are very easy to set up and get started. You will be able to choose your layout, colors, name of your blog, and more. We have provided the links for getting started on either of these sites below.

Get Started with WordPress

Get Started with Google

Start Writing!


Once you have created your blog, it’s time to start writing some information for your website and audience. So that you aren’t overwhelmed at first, it may be a good idea to start with a list of topics you would be interested in writing about on your blog. That way you can space out your posts on a schedule and post them as you wish.

Remember like with other social media, you’re not writing your blog to sell yourself and your scrap yard, but to rather set yourself apart from the rest by the information you are providing to your audience. They want to see some type of value of reading and following your blog. Perhaps you can post helpful tips, videos, pictures, coupons, and other fun information from your yard.¬†Once you have posted your blog, be sure to share the posts through your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, and email newsletters.

Don’t Set It & Forget It

Blogs only have value when they are updated regularly. Whether you choose to post monthly, weekly, or daily, have a regular post schedule to your blog will help increase your traffic and value of your audience. This goes back to the point earlier about keeping your website fresh and updated. The same goes for your blog. Your blog should be something that has recent happenings on it. A good place to start would be posting every 2 weeks and begin to track your audience growth.

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