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Scrap Yard Benefits of “SEM” & “SEO”

When you have a website or are active on social media for marketing, you may hear some phrases like “search engine marketing” or “search engine optimization” get thrown around. What those phrases actually mean, remains a mystery for most people that don’t work with online marketing and resources. So to clear some things up we want to provide you with the basic definition and what it means for your scrap yard’s online presence.


Search Engine Marketing or “SEM” or “PPC”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM or PPC) is when companies pay to have their own ads show up in search engine results when users are searching for terms that match their marketing campaign. For example: A user logs onto Google and searches for the term “scrap yards near me”. Once the results show up and there will be ads that are posted on the top in yellow boxes or with a yellow “Ad” button next to them. They also can show up on the right side of the search results if there are enough ads to display.

Search engine marketing

Those ads that show up are created by companies to be displayed when users are searching for terms similar to what the company sells or services they provide. SEM is also referred to as “PPC” or Pay Per Click. This advertising is dependent on a daily or monthly marketing budget and is usually required to be set up by a professional to be maintained and set up correctly.

Search Engine Optimization or “SEO”

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is when companies have information on their website that is displayed in relevant search results across the web, due to the match of a page or content from their website. For example: A user logs onto Google and searches for “scrap metal prices”. Below the SEM results or the ads, there will be other links to websites with brief descriptions of what can be found on those pages. These links are called organic because they naturally show up without being paid for.

search engine optimization

These links that show up through a Google search below the SEM ads are created directly through a website’s development. They can be a wide variety of results like videos, news articles, blogs, social media links, and more, other than regular websites. The pages that are displayed are usually created by website developers to be “indexed” by search engines so that users can find them.

Ok, I know the difference. Now what?

Now that SEM and SEO have been explained in simple terms of what they mean and how they are used, it is time to realize what the difference means for your scrap yard. Building an online presence can take a lot of effort and hard work, but with being a scrap yard it is important to be seen by potential customers through search engines. Many potentials customers most likely don’t know about you, so when they are doing simple searches for related information, you want your company to show up so that you have a higher chance of doing business with them.


This is a simple solution that can immediately start to take effect and get your scrap yard or auto yard out into the masses. As soon as you begin your search engine marketing ads, your ads will begin to be served to the relevant audiences. This is a short-term solution to getting your business out there.

SEOcustomize your iScrap App Listing

This is a more complicated and long-term project that will help your scrap yard’s website to be seen by your audience later on down the line and for a longer period of time. SEO can be time-consuming in creating relevant content that can be viewed through search engine results. The long-term results will be good, but patience is required.

Working Together

Using both SEM and SEO in your online marketing is important. For short-term and long-term results you are able to work on and improve both aspects side by side. With being a scrap yard or auto wrecker listed on the iScrap App, you get the best of both worlds for a low-monthly cost.

As a preferred scrap yard your monthly fee will include the SEO for your company and the SEM aspect through the iScrap App Website. With your iScrap App listing your listing’s SEO will be naturally created and help your listing’s link show up higher in Google search results.

Your preferred membership will have it’s own SEM aspect through the iScrap App site. When iScrap App users search for locations in your area, your listing will show up higher and before other basic listings in your region.

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