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The New iScrap App Dashboard

The iScrap App Team has been working their tails off over the winter of 2013-2014 to create and deliver a brand new dashboard design and layout for our iScrap App customers. There are several news features and benefits that our Premium iScrap App customers can begin benefitting from today. Below we walk through some of the new features and where to find some of the old ones.


New iScrap App Dashboard Features

Analytics – The iScrap App team is excited to be launching our new dashboard with the analytics section. As an iScrap App customer you are able to log into the dashboard for your listing and see the recent number of views that your listing has received over the last week. You can keep track of how your listing is performing which is beneficial during special campaigns you may have going on at your location. If you are need of extended and more detailed analytical data like locations and further back data, you can contact us and we will be happy to provide that information.

trade sectioniScrap Trade Section – With a several months in the making, the newest trade section to the iScrap App Dashboard is great for the entire industry. Providing the scrap industry with a central location to connect and discuss business with other in the industry, the iScrap Trade section is available to all Premium Customers at no additional cost. Each location get 5 trade listings they can use during each month and you can add on an additional trade package that allows you to have more trade listings every month.

iScrap App News & Marketing Tips – We have also posted a new section that provides Premium iScrap App Customers with the most recent and important information from our Marketing Blog. All of the articles on our Marketing Blog are free to read and full of helpful information for marketing specifically in the scrap metal industry. With information on social media marketing, marketing with the iScrap App, and other online solutions for online marketing, the iScrap Marketing is packed with knowledge to help you increase your reach online.
marketing tips

Marketing News – The iScrap App team realizes that your time is cut short during the day, especially if you are running a scrap yard. We want to help you get the most information in one spot online without going crazy finding reliable sources. We have partnered with industry leaders to help provide you with the latest and important industry news. See the most current headlines and read further if you need to catch up on the latest.

Latest Market Trends & Prices – Just like with market news, we don’t want you having to waste your time looking all over to see the most current scrap prices and market trends. So we brought it to you through the new iScrap App Dashboard. See where the most important commodities are currently trading and you can stay in the same place to update your own iScrap App listing prices.

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 1.25.33 PM

Multiple Locations Linked – Do you own or manage multiple yards? The new iScrap App Dashboard allows users to linked several locations into one account so you can manage and change any information for all of your yards in one place. Email us at and we will be able to help you get your locations linked so you can manage all your yards in one location.

Helpful Guide for using the New iScrap App Dashboard

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