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Broad Based Directory Ads Are A Waste Of Money

Years ago having a phone book directory was a mandatory part of any business plan. Now the Yellow Pages are hardly being printed any longer, because you can get any information needed digitally.  The Yellow Pages digital options are,,hibu,com,  and several other similar companies. If you’re purchasing a listing for your scrap yard, they’ve most likely ‘wowed’ you with big numbers.

All in all it can look extremely impressive and why wouldn’t you want to be included in one of the largest online networks available? But…

Why pay for everyone when all you want are scrappers and contractors ?

We investigated the costs last year and received a quote for a scrap yard location in New Jersey. Printed yellow page directory The quote was for Scrap Yard X to be listed targeting a large NJ Metro Zone composed of approximately 2.7 Million people.(That’s the WOW factor). The scrap yard would be listed under Recycling Centers, Scrap Metals and Wholesale Recycling. Each category cost $328 per month.  If you add a Red Bolded Heading– add another $40 per month.  For our Customer X to appear in those same three categories on mobile devices that’s another $160 per month.

Sub Total = $528 per month

Now there’s SEO, which helps your listings show up in search results based on the category listing and how someone searches-that would be $1,200 per category per month.

And of course, the key to any program is knowing its success, well that cost is  $3,000 per month for them to establish a phone number and track the calls.

And all this requires a full year contract.

So for a total of $91,524 you can reach an entire metro-zone  of potential customers. But are they all potential customers? 

If you look at your customer base, most likely they are Men between the age of 18-54. Here in NJ this counts for 33% of this metro zone population.  Then reduce that by the number of people actually interested in scrap metal recycling.  Maybe 2%?  So by the time you whittle it down, you get about 20K men. How much are you willing to pay to reach them? Most likely not $91K.

iScrap App’s  first full year program totals  $580, which isn’t  MUCH more than a single month in a single category in a single metro zone for

For a first year payment of $580 you can reach scrap recyclers,contractors, commercial and industrial scrap suppliers.  iScrap App has a average of 10K daily users who want to connect with scrap yards.  They come to our site looking for scrap specific information. Some scrap yards get hundreds of views each month and some get thousands.  If you’re unsure, you have the opportunity to take a trial.  There are no contracts to sign and no commitments.  iScrap App also offers marketing tips and lessons on social media to help you optimize your online presence.

It’s time to do the math.  Regardless of the market, there’s no need to pay for services that are only reaching a small portion of what’s promised.