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Are customer requests landing in a Black Hole?


Customer service for all companies is important and  responding to customer requests should be priority.  In our scrap yard outreach, we’ve often found that contact information on websites and emails are often outdated and  overlooked especially when there are staff changes.   When iScrap App accounts are created there is usually an email created for the account and at times a separate contact for customer requests.  It’s important to know that the customer request email should be ” manned” – meaning an email account that is is viewed daily, if not hourly and tied to a mobile phone so its checked often.  Many companies use an ” info@” email address because it’s simple to set up and doesn’t specify any individual, but often additional emails are created for individuals and the info@email address is overlooked. If you don’t want to publish your own email address, have your general email address forwarded,because by deeming that email account as the ” Black Hole”  even accidentally is an opportunity to lose business rather than gain it.  So if you have changes in staff, company names or email addresses, make sure to update the contact information companywide.

Real Time Customer Requests Worth Responding to…

Customer requests in DashboardCustomer requests that come through the iScrap App  could be for a material quote, pictures of fork lifts, cars, trucks, heavy equipment or machinery.  Getting these customer requests can help determine the size of a container they may need, what pick up costs might be incurred or if  they should transport the materials themselves. It’s also another way of tracking where a customer might have come from.


Broad Based Directory Ads Are A Waste Of Money

Years ago having a phone book directory was a mandatory part of any business plan. Now the Yellow Pages are hardly being printed any longer, because you can get any information needed digitally.  The Yellow Pages digital options are,,hibu,com,  and several other similar companies. If you’re purchasing a listing for your scrap yard, they’ve most likely ‘wowed’ you with big numbers.

All in all it can look extremely impressive and why wouldn’t you want to be included in one of the largest online networks available? But…

Why pay for everyone when all you want are scrappers and contractors ?

We investigated the costs last year and received a quote for a scrap yard location in New Jersey. Printed yellow page directory The quote was for Scrap Yard X to be listed targeting a large NJ Metro Zone composed of approximately 2.7 Million people.(That’s the WOW factor). The scrap yard would be listed under Recycling Centers, Scrap Metals and Wholesale Recycling. Each category cost $328 per month.  If you add a Red Bolded Heading– add another $40 per month.  For our Customer X to appear in those same three categories on mobile devices that’s another $160 per month.

Sub Total = $528 per month

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Is Convenience Your Only Selling Point?

When it comes to your scrap yard, are customers choosing your yard just because it’s there?  Are you situated next door or across the street from another scrap yard? If so why do they choose you?

In the scrap metal industry, customers tend to make choices strictly by price, they will chase the 5 cent per lb. difference for almost any quantity. But when prices are low and there’s no margin to provide special tiered pricing, are customers then flipping a coin on who to do business with?

It’s time to start developing your brand and give customers a reason to choose you.

What makes your company unique?  

Is it your customer service? Your experience in the industry? Your marketing skills?

Open 24 hours

What actions are you taking to share this information with potential customers? Take the time now while business is slow and you have the time to develop and build a scrap yard mission statement.  Think about why you’re in this business to begin with and what you have to offer.  Do you specialize in something specific? Is your yard open when your competition is not?  Are your scales certified? Can you analyze materials to provide customers accurate pricing?  Without realizing it, you may have an extraordinary selling point that will attract customers.

Once you have your mission statement defined you need to develop a plan to share it with your potential customers.

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iScrap App Gets Recyclers to Your Scrap Yard

How iScrap App gets recyclers to your scrap yard

We Can Help Bring Recyclers To Your Scrap Yard

In a Google eye-tracking study, they found out that people generally stick to the first two or three search results. Studies how that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. So it’s really important where your iScrap App listing is positioned. iScrap App Gets recyclers to you scrap yard by offering our premium members preferred positioning.

When customers search for your yard on the iScrap App, they have the option of being auto detected, entering a zip code, or city/town name  or entering the yard’s name.  Anyone having a premium yard listing will show up in the results automatically prior to a basic yard. So if you’re searching for  a yard in Brooklyn, you will see Brooklyn Premium Yards first followed by all other premium yards within an 100 mile radius. After all of those pages, you will then find a Brooklyn basic yard.  We want our paying customers to get viewed more often and experience the benefits of premium membership.

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Advertising Your Scrap Yard

Let’s face it, the scrap industry isn’t the “prettiest” industry out there, there are some key features and important values in it so getting in front of customers is important.When advertising your scrap yard you need to determine what makes your business different and why should a customer choose you. Those differences in your business is what you should display to your potential clients to earn their trust and eventual business.

iScrap app webskin for advertising your scrap yard

Marketing a scrap yard in today’s world, can be overwhelming with all of the different options that are available to you. It can be frustrating trying to gain new business, let alone where to look for it first. As a scrap yard, you probably rely on the loyalty and continued relationships you have with your current customers to stay in business. However, what about getting new customers. Where do you look? How do you get them?

Marketing Options for Scrap Yards

There are several options and proven ways to get new customers driving up to your scrap yard or calling you for a new container to be dropped off.

Join business associations like ISRI   (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc). There are local chapter meetings which can introduce you to other yard owners and associated businesses that can assist you in business growth.

Get listed in your local online directories: Manta, Yelp, Google, iScrapApp. Directories tend to show up in online searches first, so make sure the information about your business is correct and utilize the features they offer to enhance your profile. This may be the first place someone finds you- so make the best of it.

Get listed in industry directories. Industry directories are key because they offer specialized information to the user.  Again make sure your listing is correct and useful.

Create a mobile friendly website.  Most searches are done using a mobile device, so having a mobile friendly easy to use and navigate website is important.

Create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google + so you can communicate with customers interested in your business. Not everyone communicates the same way, so having multiple ways for customers to connect with you and contact you is important.

Make sure your location has signage identifying your business.

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