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iScrap App Gets Recyclers to Your Scrap Yard

How iScrap App gets recyclers to your scrap yard

We Can Help Bring Recyclers To Your Scrap Yard

In a Google eye-tracking study, they found out that people generally stick to the first two or three search results. Studies how that users often read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern: two horizontal stripes followed by a vertical stripe. So it’s really important where your iScrap App listing is positioned. iScrap App Gets recyclers to you scrap yard by offering our premium members preferred positioning.

When customers search for your yard on the iScrap App, they have the option of being auto detected, entering a zip code, or city/town name  or entering the yard’s name.  Anyone having a premium yard listing will show up in the results automatically prior to a basic yard. So if you’re searching for  a yard in Brooklyn, you will see Brooklyn Premium Yards first followed by all other premium yards within an 100 mile radius. After all of those pages, you will then find a Brooklyn basic yard.  We want our paying customers to get viewed more often and experience the benefits of premium membership.

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Advertising Your Scrap Yard

Let’s face it, the scrap industry isn’t the “prettiest” industry out there, there are some key features and important values in it so getting in front of customers is important.When advertising your scrap yard you need to determine what makes your business different and why should a customer choose you. Those differences in your business is what you should display to your potential clients to earn their trust and eventual business.

iScrap app webskin for advertising your scrap yard

Marketing a scrap yard in today’s world, can be overwhelming with all of the different options that are available to you. It can be frustrating trying to gain new business, let alone where to look for it first. As a scrap yard, you probably rely on the loyalty and continued relationships you have with your current customers to stay in business. However, what about getting new customers. Where do you look? How do you get them?

Marketing Options for Scrap Yards

There are several options and proven ways to get new customers driving up to your scrap yard or calling you for a new container to be dropped off.

Join business associations like ISRI   (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc). There are local chapter meetings which can introduce you to other yard owners and associated businesses that can assist you in business growth.

Get listed in your local online directories: Manta, Yelp, Google, iScrapApp. Directories tend to show up in online searches first, so make sure the information about your business is correct and utilize the features they offer to enhance your profile. This may be the first place someone finds you- so make the best of it.

Get listed in industry directories. Industry directories are key because they offer specialized information to the user.  Again make sure your listing is correct and useful.

Create a mobile friendly website.  Most searches are done using a mobile device, so having a mobile friendly easy to use and navigate website is important.

Create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google + so you can communicate with customers interested in your business. Not everyone communicates the same way, so having multiple ways for customers to connect with you and contact you is important.

Make sure your location has signage identifying your business.

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New Web Services and Scrap Yard Technology

In the scrap yard industry, things have been old school for quite some time. I need help learning new web services and scrap yard technology:

As younger generations enter the industry they’ve introduced new web services and scrap yard technology into the business. This new generation of scrappers are known as Millennials, they’ve basically grown up with a computer on their lap and a phone in their hands.  Using a computer is second nature for them but may not be for you.

New web services and scrap yard technology started with scrap software and ATM’s.

You’ve had to adopt using scrap software because some of the new scrap laws mandate that you use technology for tracking customer transactions to combat metal theft. So when it comes to other online technology,  you haven’t had the time or the inclination to learn what’s new or just have difficulty asking for help.  If so, here’s a website you can go to to learn some basics , (so click the highlighted text).  Check out ” Mastering the Basics, and the ” Harness Email” pages which can provide you with enough information to feel confident.   Online information changes almost hourly so keeping up with new trends while running your own business is next to impossible so don’t feel bad.

When building the iScrap App website, we tested it with our favorite retired scrap yard owner to make sure it was easy to understand and navigate.As a scrap yard administrator you enter your email address and a password. The member only dashboard was designed so that materials can be listed by clicking yes or no. Prices can be entered, a price range be created or clicking a call us button.  There are no downloads, or updates required and if you do get stuck, the iScrap App customer service team is there for you to walk you through services or handle them for you.

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Webskins FAQ’s

Where do you get New Business leads?

The Most Effective Sources for New Business 

new business sourcesBrightLocal recently surveyed 20,000 U.S.-based businesses to assess sources of new business leads and found digital advertising is outpacing former local tools.

Word of mouth: 26 percent
SEO: 19 percent
Online local directories: 15 percent
PPC: 3 percent
Local TV advertising: 1 percent
Local radio advertising: 2 percent
Online marketing as a whole: 54 percent

On Average these SMB’s spend $400 per month for new business lead generation.

46% was directed to online/mobile advertising.

Many of the industries surveyed are similar in nature to the Scrap Industry, so the information here can used as a guide.

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Put Email Marketing on your Scrap Yard “Must Have” List

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 10.43.32 AM

Regular communication with customers is key to keeping them.

One of the most proven tactics is email as its become a marketing mainstay. In addition to your personal emails like Gmail and Outlook, using an email provider to create formatted easy to read, mobile friendly and attractive emails makes creating a customer program simple and tracking responses a breeze. Continue reading