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Category: Social Media Marketing

Blogging 101: Make It Your Own

Blogging is Educational

When you are in a small industry such as the scrap industry, everybody is connected a bit more closely through business partners, communications, and projects. This also leads to other companies see everything that everyone else is doing with their latest trucking changes, new equipment, marketing tactics, and other business operations. 

When it comes to the online marketing world for the scrap metal industry, there are number of sources and leaders in the industry that display some great ideas and concepts to help their company get their name out there through their website, social media, blogging, and other avenues. It can be tempting to simply piggy-back on someone else’s idea and mold it into your own.

Be unique and don't copy other contentPart of growing your scrap business is by expanding and constantly progressing towards new goals and developments. When you are exploring, it can be very common to see someone else’s idea and wish that you had thought of it first. But taking someone else’s idea or concept can give you a bigger headache than trying to think of your next big revelation. Continue reading

How to Engage Your Fans & Followers

engage on social mediaSocial media is a great way to connect with your customers and create more meaningful relationships. Below we discuss some ways you can use and find content that will engage your scrap yard customers within your social media networks.

Using social media for your scrap metal specials or customer events is a great way to engage your customers, but when you don’t have anything going on, it can be difficult to find content and information to share with your audience about scrapping. Continue reading

Using LinkedIn For Your Scrap Yard

b2b marketing on linkedin

Embracing social media for a scrap yard shouldn’t be intimidating. LinkedIn is a great tool for scrap yards to use to connect with other businesses and prospective clients for larger jobs. It is a great network for companies to work on their B2B (Business to Business) marketing. Whereas, sites like Facebook & Pinterest are good sites for B2C (Business to Customer) marketing. Continue reading

Using Video Can Boost Your Marketing Efforts


So many opportunities exist to bring your business to life using video at your scrap yard. Think about using it in your next email or online newsletter, or place videos on your website to keep your content fresh.

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Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media

do's and don'ts of social media

When creating your business profiles on social media channels it is important to recognize who your audience is and what information they want to see through your channel. It can be very easy and tempting to just start copying and pasting things from other similar businesses who have a social media presence in your industry. While it may seem like you are “borrowing” content and pictures from them, it actually is a very big “no-no” in the social media world.

Social Media Has It’s Own Set of Rules

Below are some of the basic Do’s & Don’ts of social media marketing for your scrap yard and auto salvage yard:

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