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iScrap App FAQs

Who created the iScrap App?

Tom Buechel, owner of Rockaway Recycling is the developer of the iScrap App. During the down-turned market in 2008, he looked for new ways to connect with customers. The app craze had just started, so he started researching  his customer needs and designed and later launched the iScrap App.

If I don’t have a smartphone, can I still list my scrap yard?

Yes, the iScrap App is available on any internet device. Setting up your scrap yard profile is easy, but most likely easier working from a desktop/laptop computer. The iScrap App was created for smartphones in the Spring of 2011, followed by an online site and mobile site as well.

Do I have to sign a contract?

No, we don’t require any upfront commitments. We offer a 30 day trial for you to get familiar with setting up your profile and updating your information. If you choose to continue, you’ll be billed a one time set up fee and begin paying a monthly fee.

What the difference between the red pins and the big black pins?

Custom pin screen shot

The red pins-are what we call basic listings.  We’ve received customer requests and perhaps even requests from you as an owner to list your yard. The listing has an address and phone number only. The black pins are for customers who have partnered with us as a Premium Yard. As a Premium Yard, you have the opportunity to create a full profile and include the following information:  company name, address, phone, email, web address, hours of operation, materials you purchase, prices for those materials and  containers that you have for customer use. Other additives include the opportunity to personalize your listing with up to 20 photo’s, your logo and links to 5 video’s. Premium listings are bolder to create attention and are pushed to the top of search results to gain further attention and customer clicks. As a Premim yard partner, customers can email you photo’s  and make container requests and visit your website and social media pages from your listing.

What is a custom pin?


Once you are a Premium Yard customer, you have the option to purchase a custom pin. We can design a custom pin using your logo or create one for you. It will enhance your company branding and call out your location. We suggest this to companies that are in very competitive areas. Fees: $100 for one location, $25 for any additional location.  You can also get a Custom Pin at no charge by prepaying your annual rate.

How many users of the iScrap App are there?

As of Nov 2015- we’ve had 223,000 downloads to our mobile application and over 4M  unique visitors to our online site.

How will scrappers find my scrap yard?

Here at the iScrap App we are constantly promoting ourselves to attract new downloads to the free mobile app and we run campaigns to attract customers who are looking for scrap yard information.  Many of the scrap yards listed on the iScrap App are showing up in Search Results on the first page. More customers are finding our yard listings and connecting daily.

If I already have a website, why do I need the iScrap App?

The fact that you have a website is awesome. You obviously care about your customers and want to share your information.  Because we have such a growing customer base, we get high volumes of traffic daily.  By creating a listing as a Premium Scrap Yard, we offer you the opportunity to be seen by our large audience on our site . Your iScrap App listing will most likely come up in a Google search before your website, because of the marketing investment we’ve already made. We offer you the opportunity to link to your website in your listing  so customers can learn more about your business.

I see that there is a set up fee and a monthly rate.  What’s covered in each?

The initial sign up fee covers our fixed costs: Our employees, our promotional materials and expenses like printing and postage.  We provide our customers with Welcome packages- with posters and handouts to help promote our partnership, assistance in setting up their account and can provide reports to you to validate your long term activity.

Our monthly fee  covers our developmental costs: We invest in our company daily to increase the downloads and traffic to our site. The more visitors to our site will generate more clicks to your scrap yard listing. We continually update our software to further engage customers and create a user friendly atmosphere- we’ve added more materials, and containers, links for social media, increased the speed of the app and redesigned our website with new options for photo, logo and video placement. In addition we provide our customers with marketing and social media information to assist them in growing their businesses.

What other services do you provide?

For companies that don’t have a website already, we’ve designed Webskins that are scrap specific.

They work in tandem with iScrap App listings, so if you’re updating one you don’t have to do in again. It features the same great aspects of the iScrap App listings, but you can add photo’s and create a detailed home page about your scrap yard.  The web-skins are mobile friendly so any user can view your information easily.

The iScrap App has also partnered with Scrap Software companies like Scrap Dragon, ScrapWare, Shared Logic, Buy Back Pro and ScrapRight.

Scrap Yards that have this software can link their scale pricing to their iScrap App listing and update prices as they change. You can hand select which materials to list and update. We know that when prices change, you don’t have the time to update your scale price, then go to the iScrap App and then your website.  The perfect scenario would be to have an iScrap App webskin as well. Then you would update at the scale and all three platforms would be adjusted.


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