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iScrap App has 10K daily online visitors

iScrap App has online visitors  who use our website and mobile app daily, weekly and monthly to find a scrap yard near them.

 As a premium yard customer you get the opportunity to advertise your yard, receive preferred positioning and get found more often online. Instead of advertising with local newspapers, magazines, radio or cable channels you can save money targeting your local audience of peddlers, homeowners and contractors who need your services.

 How customers find scrap yards online

Compare the cost of reaching our online visitors to your broad base advertising

Consider how an ad in the local paper is priced. Its based on printing, and delivering the paper to a full circulation.  Perhaps your local paper, phone book or magazine  has a circulation of 60,000.  By the time you  break down your audience to achieve your target of male homeowners 18-54, you’ve already lost 75% of the audience you paid for.  How is that effective?

iScrap App targets potential customers

Rather than placing ads in phone books, newspapers and local magazines use the iScrap App to reach your peddlers and tradespeople.

We’re investing everyday to attract customers looking for scrap yard information and bring them to our site or to download our mobile application.    We’ve already drilled down the audience to bring you the scrap community and offer it at an affordable rate.  Some of them are in their cars looking for a yard, others are planning their next pickup.  The information you provide helps them make the decision on their final destination. List your yard and become a Premium location now. By doing so you get priority placement so customers find you with ease and see your details more often then our basic listings.  We’ve had over four million unique online visitors to our site who have seen 22 million+ pages of scrap yard data from all over North America.  Those numbers wouldn’t be so high if  our scrappers weren’t actively using our services.

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