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iScrap App Year In Review

2015 iScrap App Year in Review

Take a look at the iScrap App Year in Review.

Learn what areas have the most active users.  Millions of pages were viewed this year by Millions of Users. If you’d like information regarding your area, call the iScrap App to get a report on your metro region.  Click here To learn more about the iScrap App and if you want to get started on a 30 day trial go to our sign up page

Joining the iScrap App connect you with scrap metal recyclers of all kinds. We have consistent online traffic due to our ongoing website promotion and social media tactics.  Another great fact is that the iScrap App is mobile friendly and delivers information to our uses while they are on the go.  As seen in the iScrap App Year in Review, 68% of our visitors are using mobile devices. iScrap App delivers them the information they need to find a scrap yard that satisfies their needs current need whether its for ferrous, non ferrous or electronic scrap.





Studies Prove iScrap App Increases Customer Connections

3 studies prove iScrap app increases customer connections

iScrap App Studies Three Companies and Proves Increased Customer Connections

In a recent year over year comparison, the iScrap App found three companies with multiple locations to have overall increases in customer connections ranging from 20-60%. Each company had positive increases in company listing clicks, container and car pick up requests, and listings appearing in organic search results directing users to their iScrap App listing.

New iScrap App Features Will Create Further Awareness

iScrap App listings provide scrap yards with the opportunity to create a custom profile about their recycling services.  In addition to standard contact information, Premium listings detail materials purchased, & can link to social media and a company website.  Peddlers also have the ability to connect with the scrap yard via email, send container requests and car pick ups too.  Recent new features give yards the opportunity to add up to 20 photo’s, their company logo and 5 video links.  Trading capabilities are also a feature through our member dashboard.  No other online service provides this many features at the same price point as iScrap Online. All these features have lead to increased customer connections over the prior year.

All of the companies studied had the following in common:

Listed on the iScrap App for a minimum of 1 year

Having a mix of yards publishing prices, using the National Average Price Page and “Call Us”.

Custom Pin Placement

Regional strength (having numerous locations within a metro area)

Competition in their direct region

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The New iScrap App Dashboard

The iScrap App Team has been working their tails off over the winter of 2013-2014 to create and deliver a brand new dashboard design and layout for our iScrap App customers. There are several news features and benefits that our Premium iScrap App customers can begin benefitting from today. Below we walk through some of the new features and where to find some of the old ones.

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