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Suggested Survival Skills from the Pro’s

In this month’s issue of Scrap Magazine, ISRI published an upbeat article entitled Survivor Skills, Essential Tools for Outlasting the Harsh Business Climate.

In this article, several scrap industry veterans discussed how to deal with diminished business, financial stabilization, purchasing changes and the essentials of basic customer service.   “Customer Service has always been an important facet of our business” says Tom Buechel, founder of the iScrap App and owner of Rockaway Recycling. Customers can choose any scrap yard to sell to, you have to develop relationships to keep them coming back.”

Survival Tips from Experts in the Industry

It seems ISRI Industry veterans agree. In the December article, Rocky Mountain Recycling, GM Brian Henesey stated “Recyclers don’t have the power to change the current market. But they do have control over how they maintain their relationships with customers, suppliers and industry partners.”  Smart Recycling Management, Jim Wiseman agrees that “The personal touch might turn into business down the Line.”  It does seem they all agree that staying optimistic, focusing on your unique qualities and providing good customer service is key to maintaining business.

Another key factor to maintaining business is to stay on the radar screen. Making small investments to keep your name in front of customers now even during this business climate. Sometimes by being totally absent is an even bigger mistake, customers may assume that you’re no longer in business.  Using low cost services like the iScrap App can give you an online presence without a huge impact to your baseline budget.

The Scrap article has good insight into today’s market, suggestions from the pro’s on how to move forward and optimism for companies to dig deep and not give up.

A Sticky Site Means Repeated Online Visits

You want repeated online visits to your website

Having a Sticky Site is a good thing, because it means your website is getting repeated online visits.

Whether you’re building your own website or have a company designing one for you, it’s important to to create new and fresh content that customers will want to see more than once.

Whether you’re posting new information about your scrap yard prices, updating photo’s on your website or adding a customer coupon for an upcoming event, each of these is considered new content. Not only is it interesting for your customers to view, its also viewed by search engines. Search engines are like internet reporters- they scout websites for new information and provide it back to you.  The new content boosts your interest level with the search engines and your website may be seen more often because content is new.

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Advertising Your Scrap Yard

Let’s face it, the scrap industry isn’t the “prettiest” industry out there, there are some key features and important values in it so getting in front of customers is important.When advertising your scrap yard you need to determine what makes your business different and why should a customer choose you. Those differences in your business is what you should display to your potential clients to earn their trust and eventual business.

iScrap app webskin for advertising your scrap yard

Marketing a scrap yard in today’s world, can be overwhelming with all of the different options that are available to you. It can be frustrating trying to gain new business, let alone where to look for it first. As a scrap yard, you probably rely on the loyalty and continued relationships you have with your current customers to stay in business. However, what about getting new customers. Where do you look? How do you get them?

Marketing Options for Scrap Yards

There are several options and proven ways to get new customers driving up to your scrap yard or calling you for a new container to be dropped off.

Join business associations like ISRI   (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc). There are local chapter meetings which can introduce you to other yard owners and associated businesses that can assist you in business growth.

Get listed in your local online directories: Manta, Yelp, Google, iScrapApp. Directories tend to show up in online searches first, so make sure the information about your business is correct and utilize the features they offer to enhance your profile. This may be the first place someone finds you- so make the best of it.

Get listed in industry directories. Industry directories are key because they offer specialized information to the user.  Again make sure your listing is correct and useful.

Create a mobile friendly website.  Most searches are done using a mobile device, so having a mobile friendly easy to use and navigate website is important.

Create social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, Google + so you can communicate with customers interested in your business. Not everyone communicates the same way, so having multiple ways for customers to connect with you and contact you is important.

Make sure your location has signage identifying your business.

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Why Local Is Key

Over the last year, Google has made some changes in search. It wants users who are searching for local information to get what they need. So companies that are listed in local directories are satisfying this rule by being listed. When search engines see that your company and website are linked to a directory, they see that as satisfying a local need, so when someone is searching for something in your category- your information may get pushed forward in search results more often.   Google was just reminding us of something we’ve already been practicing : Delivering a Good Customer Experience.


Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 11.59.10 AM

Being connected in your town, city or state is important for both your professional and personal lives.

One way to create that local connection is by joining professional business groups. Many of these groups can provide you local best practices for business development. You’ll meet people in your area that can offer you business experience, connections and valuable insights to business building.

Volunteer opportunities exist as well to provide good will in your own community.Groups like the Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis Club , and Women’s Club bring together fellow neighbors and business owners with goals of supporting their communities with good will and citizenship.

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Basics of Twitter

TwitterTwitter is much different from Facebook, so approaching it with the same intentions and goals is the wrong way to go about it. You’re audience on Twitter will be different in the scrapping industry. You will find that it will be mostly aimed towards more B2B (Business to Business) direction rather than B2C (Business to Customer). After you have set up your Twitter account, it is time to begin to get more familiar with the way it works and how to utilize it for your scrap yard or similar business.

The average life of a tweet is 14 minutes.

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