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Are customer requests landing in a Black Hole?


Customer service for all companies is important and  responding to customer requests should be priority.  In our scrap yard outreach, we’ve often found that contact information on websites and emails are often outdated and  overlooked especially when there are staff changes.   When iScrap App accounts are created there is usually an email created for the account and at times a separate contact for customer requests.  It’s important to know that the customer request email should be ” manned” – meaning an email account that is is viewed daily, if not hourly and tied to a mobile phone so its checked often.  Many companies use an ” info@” email address because it’s simple to set up and doesn’t specify any individual, but often additional emails are created for individuals and the info@email address is overlooked. If you don’t want to publish your own email address, have your general email address forwarded,because by deeming that email account as the ” Black Hole”  even accidentally is an opportunity to lose business rather than gain it.  So if you have changes in staff, company names or email addresses, make sure to update the contact information companywide.

Real Time Customer Requests Worth Responding to…

Customer requests in DashboardCustomer requests that come through the iScrap App  could be for a material quote, pictures of fork lifts, cars, trucks, heavy equipment or machinery.  Getting these customer requests can help determine the size of a container they may need, what pick up costs might be incurred or if  they should transport the materials themselves. It’s also another way of tracking where a customer might have come from.


Suggested Survival Skills from the Pro’s

In this month’s issue of Scrap Magazine, ISRI published an upbeat article entitled Survivor Skills, Essential Tools for Outlasting the Harsh Business Climate.

In this article, several scrap industry veterans discussed how to deal with diminished business, financial stabilization, purchasing changes and the essentials of basic customer service.   “Customer Service has always been an important facet of our business” says Tom Buechel, founder of the iScrap App and owner of Rockaway Recycling. Customers can choose any scrap yard to sell to, you have to develop relationships to keep them coming back.”

Survival Tips from Experts in the Industry

It seems ISRI Industry veterans agree. In the December article, Rocky Mountain Recycling, GM Brian Henesey stated “Recyclers don’t have the power to change the current market. But they do have control over how they maintain their relationships with customers, suppliers and industry partners.”  Smart Recycling Management, Jim Wiseman agrees that “The personal touch might turn into business down the Line.”  It does seem they all agree that staying optimistic, focusing on your unique qualities and providing good customer service is key to maintaining business.

Another key factor to maintaining business is to stay on the radar screen. Making small investments to keep your name in front of customers now even during this business climate. Sometimes by being totally absent is an even bigger mistake, customers may assume that you’re no longer in business.  Using low cost services like the iScrap App can give you an online presence without a huge impact to your baseline budget.

The Scrap article has good insight into today’s market, suggestions from the pro’s on how to move forward and optimism for companies to dig deep and not give up.

Where do you get New Business leads?

The Most Effective Sources for New Business 

new business sourcesBrightLocal recently surveyed 20,000 U.S.-based businesses to assess sources of new business leads and found digital advertising is outpacing former local tools.

Word of mouth: 26 percent
SEO: 19 percent
Online local directories: 15 percent
PPC: 3 percent
Local TV advertising: 1 percent
Local radio advertising: 2 percent
Online marketing as a whole: 54 percent

On Average these SMB’s spend $400 per month for new business lead generation.

46% was directed to online/mobile advertising.

Many of the industries surveyed are similar in nature to the Scrap Industry, so the information here can used as a guide.

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The Benefits of a Premium Yard Listing

It’s important to adapt to technology and get ahead of your competitors. Once you have signed up with an iScrap App Premium listing, you will have a plethora of features and tools that you will be able to utilize to boost your online presence. There are two types of listings available:

1. A Basic Listing – Basic listings are free and include a phone contact and address.

2. A Premium iScrap App Yard listing – Premium Yard Listings are paid listings and include the following for a one time set up fee of $100 followed by a low monthly rate.

Your Premium Listing Includes:

Yard location, email and phone contact
Description of Services and Hours of Operation
Detailed List of Materials Purchased
Container and Car Pick Up Request Form
Company Logo
Up to 20 photo’s and 5 Video Links
Links to social media and website

Premium Listing with added value features

Premium Yard Listing Benefits:

Preferred Positioning in Search Results
Connect with Our Existing User Base
Lead Generation
Resource Center with updated Industry News,Comex Pricing, Marketing Tips and Tools
Easy to Use Dashboard for Account Management

Its easy to become a Premium Yard, by taking a 30 day trial. Why not see how we can create awareness about your scrap yard, and connect you with customers old and new.


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