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The Value of Participating in Free Trials

Free Trials available on the iScrap App

Most everyone has tested a new product or service through a trial. Maybe it was a gym membership,a news subscription, a diet program, computer service or online advertising program.

The key to trials is to actually use them during the testing period.

Make sure to experiment with different tools to see if the product or service is worth the overall investment.  For example, the iScrap App offers scrap yards the opportunity to create a premium scrap yard profile to connect with peddlers and recyclers online.  You’ll get a secure login to access our member only dashboard and detail your scrap yard information, link your social media and website and upload photo’s to further enhance your online listing.  For 30 days you can monitor your online activity, respond to customer requests and inquiries and update your material information as often as you like.

Whether its an iScrap App trial or another product or service, make sure to ask questions, and communicate if you have trouble and need assistance. Your host company can most likely trouble shoot any issue you’re having and by keeping them informed only helps them provide better  products and services.

If your trial time has run out and you didn’t get around to taking a deep dive to fully understand the value, contact the company and ask for additional time. Most companies will allow you to do so- as they want the opportunity to prove themselves and earn your business.

If you’ve tried a product in the past, consider trying it again. Companies that want to grow have to continually update their products and services to stay in business so most likely any bugs you may have experienced have been worked out since you’re last go-round.  And if price is the issue,  rather than walk away, ask if there are any other packages available that might be a better fit.  If you don’t ask, you’ll never know.