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iscrap-bigtoolboxThe iScrap App Experience – What’s Included

The iScrap App Team offers full online Webskin Solutions, like the one you are looking at right now. As a custom website for your scrap yard, it is built and designed to serve the best online options for those within the industry. We have created our Webskins to give scrap yards a real online solution for a website that really works, is more cost-efficient, and easy to use.

Included iScrap App Profile

Your scrap yard will be automatically added to our database as a Premium iScrap App Member and you will join thousands of scrap yards within our directory. A $45/month value, your iScrap App Profile is included in your Webskin package.

Seamless Integration

Now that you have an included iScrap App Profile, it’s time to put it to work! As you update your business information within the iScrap App Dashboard, it will also be updated directly to your custom Webskin site as well. Whether you want to update your hours of operation, current metal prices, container services, or anything else seen in your profile, it will be transferred directly to your Webskin too.iscrap app dashboard

Search Engine Friendly Design

Your iScrap App Webskin is built so that search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo can find it easily and will be able to save it to their databases. This will help your Webskin in gain search engine rankings when customers and potential customers are searching for your business online.

Mobile Friendly Design Included

The days of separate mobile websites is over. The iScrap App Team knows that it’s important that your company is well-represented on mobile devices. That’s why we’ve built into the design a responsive design which will change sizes according to the screens your Webskin is being viewed on.

Which website would you prefer your smartphone?

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Have Your Own Company Blog

You can also request for the iScrap App Team to include a blog into your Webskin so that you can keep your customers updated with current information and add more information to your Webskin.

Make It Your Own

Besides having all of the above, it is easy to send the iScrap App Team your logo, photos, information, and anything else you want to add to your Webskin. Perhaps you are a member of an organization or have a specific region you serve that you want to mention. Just send us the information and we’ll place it in there.